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Finishing up Found You Righteous

One of the things that you don't think of when you go into production for a low/no budget film is that you will shoot what you can when you can. This for sure has left me with a few scenes that rely on some shots that are hard to get and schedules that are hard to match things up for. We're now in the final stretch for Found You Righteous and there are just four scenes left to shoot.

These scenes consist of all the things that are harder to make line up. and for sure some of the more guerrilla shooting that you leave for last just in case something crazy might happen. I can't say that I have heard any other compelling options of ways to build a feature in a easier way. But now that we are about to be finished up with photography I can say that there are easier places to make a film than Los Angeles.

The one thing that holds this town back when it comes to Indie film making is LA is just too damn expensive. You think of one scene that you would need a location for that you'd have to rent and the budget goes up by thousands. I know it's a gripe and most would just say go elsewhere or pony up the cash. But I do end up thinking that when I first started down the obsessive path of becoming a filmmaker I never thought that Los Angeles was the place for artist. I can say now that this is not the case. Money ruins everything in the end I guess.


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