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Zack Wilcox is an Upstate New York born and raised film maker who brings the sensibilities of small town life into his film making. After an extensive career as a crew member on countless indie features, commercials, television, and Music Videos. He has honed skills in the technical aspects of streamlined indie film making.


His first feature film as Writer\Director\Producer - Hunting Lands, Is a slow burn suspense\drama that uses very little in the way of dialogue and lets the imagery of the snowy north tell the tale.

A career in film making as a Director, Cinematographer, gaffer, Key Grip, Location Sound mixer, And Producer has made for an interesting background of expertise. A love of the process and the story telling of motion picture is a strong driving factor in his life.

In recent years he has relocated from Los Angeles to Scranton, PA in a move to regain a bit of that affordable Indie filmmaking that brought him to this business in the beginning. With the help of his cofounder Tony Susi he has established Fun Pants Film Co. The small Indie film company has crafted a kaleidoscope of thrifty but fighting fit films that have garnered a boat load of much deserved accolades.

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